We understand as no other that maritime disputes and claims often need to be taken care of fast. With our innovative marine and insurance background we are capable of immediately recognizing the bottlenecks and difficulties with the declared damage. Through our comprehensive experience in other such cases we can possible evade juridical and logistic obstacles and react in the right way. Preferably we attempt to settle the case ‘out of court’ with the potential opponent. This way the insured and the insurer will save considerable amounts of both time and money.
If a case cannot be settled in a fair manner with the opposition we can coordinate a possible court case or arbitration professionally. Through our international contacts we can involve local experts and lawyers, as a result of which the case will be investigated in the right manner. On the basis of these network knowledge we can give the necessary advice.

NNAM is internationally orientated. We have the network, the knowledge and experience to assist you swiftly and efficiently abroad, 24/7.